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"Modeling of radioxenon production and release pathways"
Steven R. F. Biegalski, Mark Deinert, Thomas G. Saller, Brian B. Wooten
Monitoring Research Review (2009) 615
SAFEGUARD; monitoring nuclear explosion tests

"Fission-product gamma-ray line pairs sensitive to fissile material and neutron energy"
R. E. Marrs, E. B. Norman, J. T. Burke, R. A. Macri, H. A. Shugart, E. Browne, A. R. Smith
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 592 (2008) 463-471
EXPERIMENT; NUCLEAR REACTIONS; SAFEGUARD; nuclear fission; beta-delayed gamma emission; Fission-product gamma-ray spectroscopy; Nuclear forensics
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"Assessment of uncertainties in Neutron Multiplicity Counting"
P. Peerani, M. Marin Ferrer
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 589 (2008) 304-309
EVALUATION; NUCLEAR DATA; nuclear fission; Nuclear safeguards; Neutron multiplicity counting
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"Fast neutron induced fission neutron spectra below the incident energy"
M. L. Woodring, J. E. Egan, G. H. R. Kegel, D. J. DeSimone
J. Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry 276 (2008) 707-712
EXPERIMENT; NUCLEAR REACTIONS; nuclear fission; prompt-neutron emission; 235U,239Pu(n,f), En=1.5,2.5MeV; fission-neutron spectra; safeguards
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"Experimental results from an antineutrino detector for cooperative monitoring of nuclear reactors"
N. S. Bowden, A. Bernstein, M. Allen, J. S. Brennan, M. Cunningham, J. K. Estrada, C. M. R. Greaves, C. Hagmann, J. Lund, W. Mengesha, T. D. Weinbeck, C. D. Winant
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 572 (2007) 985-998
Nuclear reactor safeguards; Antineutrino detection; Gadolinium loaded liquid scintillator
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"Verification of 235U mass content in nuclear fuel plates by an absolute method"
W. El-Gammal
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 570 (2007) 446-453
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; Fuel plates; Gamma spectroscopy; Mathematical calibration; Uranium; Monte Carlo
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"Comparison of tests with 14-MeV neutrons to a Monte Carlo model for interrogation of thick cargos for clandestine fissionable materials"
S. G. Prussin, M.-A. Descalle, J. M. Hall, J. A. Pruet, D. R. Slaughter, M. R. Accatino, O. J. Alford, S. J. Asztalos, A. Bernstein, J. A. Church
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 569 (2007) 853-862
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; Cargo screening; Active interrogation; Neutron source; Fission product ? radiation; Monte-Carlo code
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"Detector response unfolding using artificial neurol networks"
Senada Avdic, Sara A. Pozzi, Vladimir Protopopescu
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 565 (2006) 742-752
DATA ANALYSIS; Neutron spectra; Scintillation detector; Neural networks; Identification and unfolding; Nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards
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"A proposed semi-empirical method for 235U mass calibration of the active-well neutron coincidence counter"
W. El-Gammal, W. I. Zidan, E. Elhakim
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 565 (2006) 731-741
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; Nuclear safeguards; Monte Carlo; Detector calibration; Uranium; AWCC
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"Detection of shielded nuclear material in a cargo container"
James L. Jones, Daren R. Norman, Kevin J. Haskell, James W. Sterbentz, Woo Y. Yoon, Scott M. Watson, James T. Johnson, John M. Zabriskie, Brion D. Bennett, Richard W. Watson, Cavin E. Moss, J. Frank Harmon
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 562 (2006) 1085-1088 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Accelerator Applications - AccApp05
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; Nuclear smuggling; Cargo containers; Active interrogation; Photofission; Neutron signature; Gamma-ray signature
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"Monte Carlo approach to sequential gamma-ray emission from fission fragments"
S. Lemaire, P. Talou, T. Kawano, M. B. Chadwick, D. G. Madland
Phys. Rev. C 73 (2006) 014602 (9 pages)
THEORY; NUCLEAR REACTIONS; SAFEGUARDS; fission-fragment statistical decay; prompt gamma emission; Monte-Carlo simulation; 235U + n, E = 0.53 MeV; 252Cf spontaneous fission; detection and identification of fissile material
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"Advances in Nuclear Monitoring Technologies"
Brent K. Park, John M. Blackadar, Ian H. Campbell, James D. Danneskiold, Robert J. Estep, Gary Hal Gardner, M. William Johnson, Manuel D. Martinez, Edward A. McKigney, William L. Myers, Clair J. Sullivan, Gregory J. Van Tuyle
Forum Physics and Society of The American Physical Society 35 (2006) No. 3
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; fissile material; detection; active interrogation
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"Observation of 238U photofission products"
D. K. Wehe, H. Yang, M. H. Jones
IEEE Transact. Nucl. Science 53 (2006) 1430-1434
SAFEGUARDS; NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; detection of fissile material; cargo inspection; 9 MeV x-ray radiography; delayed fission-product gamma spectroscopy
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"Fission process and its application in fissile material identification"
R. Aryaeinejad, E. L. Reber, J. K. Jewell, J. D. Cole, M. W. Drigert
J. Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry 264 (2005) 155-162
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; nuclear fission; prompt gamma rays; pulsed neutron source; 235U, 239Pu targets; characterization of unknown fissile material
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"Neutron and photon transport in seagoing cargo containers"
J. Pruet, M.-A. Descalle, J. Hall, B. Pohl, S. G. Prussin
J. Appl. Phys. 97 (2005) 094908
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; detection of fissionable material; cargo screening; neutron interrogation; detection of beta-delayed photons; Monte-Carlo simulations; analytical models
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"Rapid determination of uranium and plutonium content in mixtures through measurement of the intensity-time curve of delayed neutrons"
X. Li, R. Henkelmann, F. Baumgaertner
Nucl. Instrum. Methods B 215 (2004) 246-251
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; detection of fissile material; fission; beta-delayed neutrons; intensity-time curve; identification of the fissile nuclide; 235U, 239Pu; 3He detectors; sensitivity below micrograms
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"Signatures of fissile materials: high-energy gamma rays following fission"
Eric B. Norman, Stanley G. Prussin, Ruth-Mary Larimer, Howard Shugart, Edgardo Browne, Alan R. Smith, Richard J. McDonald, Heino Nitsche, Puja Gupta, Michael I. Frank, Thomas B. Gosnell
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 521 (2004) 608-610
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; detection of fissile material; fission; beta-delayed gamma rays, E.gt.3MeV; high sensitivity for detection of fissile material; Ge; Plastic scintillator detectors; 235U; 239Pu;
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"FIGARO: detecting nuclear materials using high-energy gamma-rays"
B. J. Micklich, D. L. Smith, T. N. Massey, C. L. Fink, D. Ingram
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 505 (2003) 466-469
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; Nuclear materials detection; Low-energy proton accelerator; Gamma-rays; Photofission
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"MCNP-PoliMi: a Monte-Carlo code for correlation measurements"
S. A. Pozzi, E. Padovani, M. Marseguerra
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 513 (2003) 550-558
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; MCNP; MCNP-PoliMi; Plastic scintillation detector; Correlation measurement
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"Evaluation of prompt fission gamma rays for use in simulating nuclear safeguard measurements"
T. E. Valentine
Ann. Nucl. Energy 28 (2001) 191-201
SAFEGUARD; NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; nuclear fission; prompt gamma rays; detection of fissile material; gamma-ray multiplicity
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"Nobel-gas atmospheric monitoring for international safeguards at reprocessing facilities"
C. W. Nakhleh, W. D. Stanbro, L. N. Hand, R. T. Perry, Jr. , W. D. Wilson, B. L. Fearey
Sience Global Security 6 (1997) 357-379
NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARD; atmospheric monitoring

"Validation of the Monte Carlo code MCNP-DSP"
T. E. Valentine, J. T. Milhalczo
Ann. Nucl. Energy 24 (1997) 79-98
SAFEGUARD; 252Cf source-driven time and frequency analysis method; computer code
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"Thermal neutron analysis (TNA) explosive detection based on electronic neutron generators"
W. C. Lee, D. B. Mahood, P. Ryge, P. Shea, T. Gozani
Nucl. Instrum. Methods B 99 (1995) 739-742
INSTRUMENT; TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; neutron source; detection of thermal neutrons; checking of airline baggage; detection of land mines; electronic neutron generator
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"Models for a three-parameter analysis of neutron signal correlation measurements for fissile material assay"
D. M. Cifarelli, W. Hage
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 251 (1986) 550-563
THEORY; SAFEGUARDS; NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; DATA ANALYSIS; correlation analysis; neutron detection;
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"Nuclear safeguards"
T. B. Taylor
Ann. Rev. Nucl. Sci. 25 (1975) 407-421
REVIEW; NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY; SAFEGUARDS; nuclear fuels; radioactive material
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