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PICKDATA: Pick up data points from the screen, dump numerical values.Often one is interested in extracting the numerical values of data, which are only available as data points in a figure. Display the figure on the screen, start PICKDATA and click on the data points. The numerical values will be written to a file. The programm runs on WINDOWS versions with a transparency option of the windows or under WINE on Linux. (For WINDOWS XP this feature is provided by add-ons; from VISTA on, transpareny is a standard option.  On Linux, the terminal command transset -c 0.5 may be used.)

Download executable
Download source

2-dimensional Langevin code

This is a demonstration of the numerical solution of the Langevin equations in two dimensions, the elongation and the mass asymmetry in fission. The dissipation strength and the temperature can be varied.

The code runs on Windows or under Wine on Linux. The program is written in JBasic . The zip file contains the code and the JBasic run-time library. Start the program by running Langevin.exe.


A code for simulating a nuclear-fission experiment with a magnetic dipole.
Short description and long writeup.

Download of source code and executables.


1. Download the zip file and unpack all files in one folder.
2. Start CONFID by running confid.bat in a command window.
Look up the Readme.txt file for more detailed information.


A computer code for matching the information from incomplete experimental data and a model calculation.
The following information is required:
The MATCH code constructs two likelihood functions from the experimental and the calculated multi-variate distributions and determines the maximum of the weighted sum of the log-likelihood functions. A few parameters allow to adjust the  influences of the experimental data and of the model values and correlations individually to optimize the procedure.

The code can be used to determines a complete distribution which is consistent with the experimental data while  considering the theoretical constraints by the correlations between the data points from the calculated covariance matrix.

Download zip file.

Satan executable:
Download file.
Source files: Download files.
Help system: Link to Satan help system,  download help files.

Running SATAN requires the PL/I run-time library.

Revised draft of the manuscript  "Extensive study of the quality of fission yields from experiment, evaluation and GEF for antineutrino studies and applications" (in preparation)